Our Shared Values and Principles of Unit

We organize around the following shared values and principles of unity.

We recognize that New Orleans holds the most number of prisoners, per capita, nationwide and are working to minimize the jail population.


We recognize that conditions at OPP are inhumane and pose a threat to the basic safety for those incarcerated within. We are working to improve conditions of confinement for those held at OPP.

We support the demolition and decommissioning of old Orleans Parish jail facilities, beginning immediately as New Orleans continues to work to decrease the jail population.

We support the reallocation of funds from incarceration and detention to building the infrastructure of a caring community. Recreational, educational, mental and physical healthcare, affordable housing and transportation, accessible information, and jobs and job training will make our communities safe, sustainable and thriving places to live.

We support the adoption and implementation of alternative policies and practices to permanently decrease the number of people arrested and imprisoned. Community-based restorative and transformative programs, comprehensive reentry services, and an investment in meeting people’s basic needs, such as food, housing, healthcare, and meaningful work are steps toward realizing genuine public safety.

We support policies and practices that eliminate disparities in policing and arrest procedures, sentencing guidelines, and jail size. Race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, immigrant and class status, should have no bearing within the criminal justice system.


We support an open and transparent governance process that is inclusive of community input and accountable decision-making.

We respect the Coalition as a site for diverse political values, strategies, and interests, and we center the voices and experiences of those most impacted by incarceration. In this sense, we respect the differences among the group and support principled debate, while upholding anti-racist and anti-oppressive principles. We also recognize that members may occupy varying positions within the broader community and will honor requests for confidentiality.